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3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes

Hands Teach You How To Stick False Eyelashes

First measure the length of your eyes so that you can normally intercept the length of 3d invisible band mink lashes. Remove the false eyelashes, according to the length of the eyes to trim 3d invisible band mink lashes, most importantly, the false eyelashes around the finger. Used to soften the hardness of the mascara.

2018 premium wholesale eyelashes create your own brand 3d mink lashes
2018 premium wholesale eyelashes create your own brand 3d mink lashes

Brush the eyelash glue after waiting for 10 seconds, first find the right false eyelashes in the middle gently press in the middle of the eyes. Then press both ends to fit the false eyelashes. Then use tweezers to adjust the fit of the false eyelashes. Finally, press the false eyelashes down with your fingers, and even more fused with your eyelashes.

The inside eyes do this so that the eyelashes “stand” out!

New Natural Silk 3D Mink Lashes False Magnetic Eyelashes
New Natural Silk 3D Mink Lashes False Magnetic Eyelashes

In the same way, we found models with inner binoculars who were most likely to become double eyelids in three different ways. This can be done by using double eyelid tape. The eyelashes of the inner eyes can be strengthened or thickened at the end of the eye, the half pair of the eyes can be attached to the tail, or the full pair can be naturally long.

From the positive point of view, the uniform length of the 3d invisible band mink lashes is not suitable for the inner binocular type, and it will look a little false. The implanted eyelashes, the head and the tail of the eyes can be chosen for different lengths, which are more suitable for the inner eyes.

From the side, paste 3d invisible band mink lashes will make the eyelashes look like a very stiff line, rather than planting eyelashes naturally. And mascara, very easy to stick to the eyelids do not say. Make up as soon as afternoon eyelids are greased. So we recommend either implant or a single pair of false eyelashes.

Big cousin Liu Wen is a typical inner eye, she uses a single bundle of false eyelashes to stick in the position of the eyeball, up and down the visual widening eyes, make the eyes look bigger and more alert, while reducing the swelling degree of the eyelids.

Sun Feifei perfectly deduces the most suitable eyelash type of the inner binocular type, lengthening the length of the eyelash at the end of the eye, rather than the entire row of false eyelashes, can make the eyes more refined.

Zhou Dongyu’s Xiao Neishuang actually has the spirit very much, early she is keen to use the false eyelash which is too long and thick, but now she has changed the natural type false eyelash which the length alternates, instead has the spirit taste.

As a slender double-eyed eye, whether it is a simple eyeliner or cat eye line, need to reduce the density of eyelashes to match to look clean.

Double eyelids, lashes, are natural beauty.

The eye of double eyelid is often more round and big, eyelash root is more obvious, so long as stick false eyelash can be seen, if blindly choose too long false eyelash to enlarge the eye. The effect will only be too exaggerated. In fact, simply apply mascara, you can naturally enlarge your eyelashes.

From the front: planting eyelash length the three eye type we use is the same as that of the single eyelids look more natural, but the eyelid looks slightly off, which is decided by the eye. So if you choose to grow eyelid eyelashes, be sure to choose a shorter style.

Look from the side, false eyelash is exposed all outside, the side looks more false. And the effect that brushes mascara is natural, curl effect is also good. Consider synthetically, mascara is most suitable for double eyelid the choice of performance price ratio.

Double eyelid stars demonstrate the most suitable eyelash growth technique

Fan Bingbing, who used to love extra long double eyelashes, has recently returned to nature, looking much prettier. Already you have double eyelids, in fact, natural eyelashes are more suitable for you.

Zhu Bajie rake eyelashes before the best eyelash, enlarged eyes are not eyelashes as long as possible, if not walking all day on the red carpet, shorter more suitable for me and other mortals.

Also trapped in long eyelashes are the day, the thick plastic texture of false eyelashes, is about to prick the eyelids, now more like the right side of the natural lashes.

On the left is Selena on Met Ball on 2015 and Selena on this year’s Met Ball on the right, sometimes just because of a pair of eyelashes.

When we were young, Fan Xiao-mei was also a slave to false eyelashes, with long eyes and long eyelashes looking like fireworks, and a simple layer of mascara was beautiful enough.

Correct brushing method of mascara

When brushing eyelash, must keep “Z” font brushes from the root upward, can let all eyelashes evenly dip to the mascara, and must brush the mascara before the mascara, can guarantee the eyelash very curl naturally.

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