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Luscious La Femme Eye Lash Extensions Are Lovely!

Lash extensions have become very fashionable recently and for good reason.

The semi permanent lashes that are now used are very natural looking, look fantastic and won’t fall off at an embarrassing moments. So what happens when you have eye lash extensions?

A reputable salon will ensure that you have had a test done prior to treatment to ensure you aren’t allergic to the glue used to keep your eye lashes in place. After a day or two you will be able to go ahead with your treatment. I have been to several places for eye lash extensions and they all seem to follow the same process although only the most professional insisted on a patch test prior to treatment. What you should also know, and isn’t always stated, is that you should remove your contact lenses before treatment and leave them out for a few hours afterwards.

I shall discuss the treatment I had at my favourite salon

the one where I will keep going back as I get the best service and value for money. When you go for your treatment you will either lie down on a bed in a warm, quiet room or sit back in a big comfy reclining chair. You will then have your lower lashes gently taped down to avoid any sticking together of the upper and lower lashes. After this individual “La femme” lashes are attached using super strong glue to your own natural lashes.

Depending on the look you are after you can have every single lash extended or just one in three for a more natural look. This is obviously a time consuming process, but again, the salon where I go is so experienced that I can get a full set of lashes done in an hour.

I have been to other salons where it has taken over two hours to get the same result!

So make sure you ask the therapist how long it is going to take before hand. You don’t want to have to rush off mid treatment to collect the kids from school with half your eyelashes done do you?

After the required amount of lashes have been applied you will see that your eyes are bigger, more youthful and one hundred percent more attractive. You will probably be surprised by how comfy the lashes are and you can go swimming, have a shower etc without them falling out! Leave them for around twenty four hours though before wetting them and when you clean your face use an oil free make up remover.

After the treatment you can go without mascara although I have to confess I love mascara. so I still wear it but have done with the MIIS mascara that strengthens your natural lashes at the same time as enhancing your lash extensions. Most reputable salons will stock this as it is incredibly popular.

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How to Get Fuller and Healthier Eyelashes

While so many women work hard to keep their skin looking healthy

they also seek ways to do the same for their eyelashes. Long and full lashes are eye-catching and it appears as if this ongoing trend won’t change anytime soon.

Eyelashes enhancements are so much different than they were back in the 20th century when famous Hollywood actresses like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow captivated audiences on the big screen. Back then, false eyelashes were constructed of fringe and literally lasted only a handful of hours.

Today, women have options to achieve beautiful eyelashes and don’t have to depend on mascara to get the look they want.

One choice is eyelash extensions. Find an expert who is certified in this art to create a personalized look. In many cases, eyelash extensions may replace the use of mascara. These artists offer not only a natural and full eyelash contour appearance, but these lashes look like the real deal.

Others have chosen the route of an eyelash fortifier. Some may also refer to it as a serum, as well. This type of formula may incorporate peptides for thicker and longer eyelashes. Other powerhouse ingredients may also include one or more of the following:

All-natural botanicals 

• Amino acids
• Antioxidants
• Biotin
• Castor oil
• Cold-pressed oils
• Glycerine
• Japonica leaf
• Multiple polypeptides
• Panthenol
• Vitamins
• Zinc

These serums and fortifiers condition the cycle that your lashes go through.

On average, people lose a few eyelashes every day. If they don’t take good care of their lashes, this number can increase dramatically. So please be mindful of those lashes, because it may take up to eight weeks to have them grow back.

These products help keep lashes intact for longer. Users of fortifier formulas say that they have seen thicker eyelashes in as early as four weeks and noticed a significant improvement in the strength of their lashes.

Another popular choice is eyelash growth treatments.

A unique ingredient, approved by the FDA contains a bimatropost ophthalmic solution. This formula has often been described as the “miracle” lash grower which reveals darker and fuller lashes in about 16 weeks.

In addition to the above options, here are some other helpful at-home remedies to improve eyelash health:

  • Avoid frequent eye rubbing
  • Remove mascara and all eye makeup before going to bed
  • Replace mascara every few months to prevent bacterial contamination.

Using an eyelash curler should be done before mascara is applied to avoid lashes from breaking and splitting. Also, try not to pull on the curler to avoid yanked out lashes.

Having long, beautiful eyelashes is more than just a dream – with new, great products on the market it’s become an actual reality!

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The Eyelash Enhancer – Grow Longer Eyelashes For a Beautiful You

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up every morning with eyelashes that are long and beautiful?

Wouldn’t it be even better if they were naturally yours? No extensions, no false eyelash applications, just the most beautiful and longest eyelashes you have ever had using just an eyelash enhancer.

Just like the rest of the hair on your body.

eyelashes grow. The problem is that they grow real slow for most of us. So to get the look we want out of our lashes we spend time and money on all kinds of methods and products to give our eyelashes the “appearance” of being longer and fuller.

Don’t get me wrong, the hassle is worth it.

we look better with longer and thicker eyelashes. We feel better about ourselves when we look better. And you know how that makes the special people in our lives feel when we feel good.

Recently a variety of products have come to market that make the promise of longer eyelashes in weeks. Yes, within weeks. Can this be true?

Well amazingly the answer is yes.

Products are on the market today that can really grow your eyelashes by over 80% in as little as 4 weeks. Now with a product that works that fast it certainly has to have some risk associated with use.

Once again these products amaze me and will you too.

The leading brands are completely safe and are composed of all natural ingredients. Be on the lookout for companies that do not disclose the list of ingredients for their product, some do contain harsh chemicals and those products are not recommended.

Think of these products as an eyelash conditioner

actually they are called eyelash growth enhancers. Anyway, just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes will benefit from a conditioning product. The products are applied just like you would apply mascara and only one treatment per day is required.

So no matter how short, thinned out, or brittle your eyelashes are today, using a leading brand eyelash enhancer you can in as little as four weeks have the longest eyelashes you could of only dreamed about until now.

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